Many seniors, living alone or in isolated rural locations, worry about their safety and the security of their property. As many of us age, memory and vision problems crop up to make regular tasks like driving more challenging. The Annapolis County Seniors’ Safety Program addresses both of these issues with specific courses, and it offers much more.

Funded by the Annapolis West Health Foundation and the Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital Foundation (Middleton), in cooperation with the Annapolis County RCMP, the Seniors’ Safety Program offers a broad range of health and safety programs created to promote the well-being, independence, and safety of seniors. These include consumer fraud, cyber safety, senior abuse and legal information sessions. All of these are available free-of-charge to every senior living in Annapolis County.

Since it was launched in 1996, The Annapolis County Seniors’ Safety Program has expanded and has been adopted and adapted in several other jurisdictions across Canada. Take a look at the Seniors Safety Brochure.

The Seniors’ Safety Program empowers seniors, promoting independence and giving them the information and skills they need to feel safe in their homes and communities. Your support helps us to improve their quality of life.



As Coordinator for the Annapolis County's Seniors' Safety Program, Sharon has played a key role in its development and has helped to expand the program across Nova Scotia. Often working with experts in their fields, she creates relevant accessible materials and presentations on current health and safety issues. Sharon is also a lead partner in the support and development of a Restorative Approach to Senior Safety and Abuse in Nova Scotia.

“The programing Sharon Elliott has developed, and the partnerships she has fostered, continue to enhance the Annapolis County Seniors' Safety Program, making it a leader in seniors safety initiatives. Donations to the Annapolis West Health Foundation help us to ensure that this great work continues!” Karen Smith, Vice-Chair, AWHF.