The Palliative Care Program at the Annapolis Community Health Centre provides compassionate, family-focused end-of-life care to patients and their families. The program offers a holistic approach to care which stresses quality of life and dignity of person.

Care includes pain management as well as social, spiritual and emotional support. It draws on the services of Health Centre staff, Continuing Care Coordinators and the Annapolis Valley Palliative Care Team. This group of nurses and doctors are experts in their fields.

The AWHF has outfitted three patient rooms, a comfortable family room and a kitchenette with equipment and furnishings designed to give patients a degree of control in their own care. Financial support is also offered to patients living at home.

For further information contact the District Palliative Care Office: 902- 542-6303.

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Palliative Care at the Annapolis Community Health Centre offers comfort and dignity for patients and families. You can help us to continue this essential part of patient care in our community.



Populations across Canada and around the world are aging. By 2030 one in four Nova Scotians will have reached or passed age 65. Demands for palliative and end-of-life car are growing. Needs and expectations are changing.

The Annapolis Community Health Centre's Palliative Care Program philosophy is to provide the best possible care in the setting most comfortable for patients and their families. The model focuses  on building community relationships through an inter-professional consulting team. This partnership is based on joint decision-making, specialist resources and support as well as a shared responsibility for the patient’s plan of care.

Over the past three years the Annapolis West Health Foundation has contributed more than $140,000 to the Program.