Advances in medical technology, the increased demands of an aging population on health care, and the need to upgrade or replace aging infrastructure, are major factors that influence health care costs. The AWHF Equipment Funding Program helps to fill the gap between government funding and the greater needs of the Annapolis Community Health Centre.

In addition to subsidising equipment purchase for the Annapolis Community Health Centre, the Foundation and the ACHC Auxiliary also contribute to the purchase of medical equipment for Valley Regional Hospital in Kentville. In the past three years that contribution has totaled $120,000. The Valley Regional provides vital specialized medical care to patients across Annapolis County. Recent important acquisitions include:

  • CT Scanner  (Average of 11,500 patient scans per year)
  • Echocardiograph (Serves 14-16 patients/day in the Cardiac Investigation Unit)
  • VMax system for pulmonary function testing (On a per-day average, the Respiratory Department tests 8 patients a day).

 With your support we can give our physicians and staff  the tools they need to provide the best possible care to every patient at the Annapolis Community Health Centre and the Valley Regional Hospital.



Each year the Annapolis West Health Foundation purchases one or more items from an equipment needs list compiled by the staff and administration of the Annapolis Community Health Centre. This equipment could not be accessed without our support.

Over the past three years the Foundation has channeled $100,000 into this program. Recent purchases have included state-of-the-art x-ray equipment and new hospital beds that comply to new rigid safety standards.  Photo above: Joan Winchester, ACHC x-ray technologist.