Liza Vance Gray

The Annapolis West Health Foundation is pleased to announce that Liza Vance Gray was a recipient of the AWHF Education Grant 2022-2023.  Liza is currently enrolled at Queen’s University for an Arts and Science degree. Throughout high school I maintained tunnel vision on a career in medicine, specifically psychiatry. I started my first year with a very science-centered schedule. My plans quickly changed once more opportunities were offered. Full transparency, I am not decided on what I want to do, but I recently began my second semester at Queens, and I am taking writing and political science courses. This I believe will open the door to writing careers and with that I am considering medical journalism. I am also continuing with psychology because I feel very strongly that it is important to have a firm foundation in psychology going onto any occupation, as it helps us have a better understanding of ourselves and our ability to form/ maintain interpersonal relationships.  I am very grateful to the Annapolis West Health Foundation for this bursary as a contribution to my studies, and I am excited to see the opportunities my degree provides.