Looking back at a busy year

15 June,2018

The year 2017-2018 was an active year for Annapolis West Health Foundation.  AWHF held its Annual General Meeting on May 29, 2018 and Committee Reports presented at the meeting outlined the vast amount of work that the Foundation supports in the communities of Annapolis West.

Working with its community partners the AWHF foundations provides financial support in eight key areas:

  1. Van Transportation Program
  2. Palliative Care Program
  3. Annapolis County Seniors Safety Program
  4. Equipment Funding Program
  5. Funny YMCA
  6. Diabetes Foot Care Program
  7. Education Program
  8. Grant Program

While all of the program committees  are active and busy throughout the year. We’ve chosen to highlight the work of a few.

Among the contributions made by the AWHF Grant Program were  a $400 contribution to support transportation for Public Health Clients in September 2017 and in May 2018, approval for a $2,000 grant to the Annapolis County Active Kids Healthy Kids Society. The Society supports physical activity initiatives that improve health through increasing physical activity levels of children and youth.

The Palliative Care Committee reported a number of initiatives including a $10,000 donation to the CareyMefund which supports registered Palliative Care patients throughout the Valley, who live at home. This funding gives up to $800 per patient per year for items such as medical supplies and a personal medical alert alarm system which allows clients to maintain their independence.


On hand to deliver a report on the work of the Fundy Y Water Art Program were Sharon MacAlpine, Director Fundy YMCA and Valerie Wilson who oversees the Water Art Fitness Rehabilitation program.  The program, and the AWHF’s support of Water Art received a significant amount of media profile in 2017 around the first Nova Scotia Health Foundations Day marked on November 27, 2017.  http://www.nshealth.ca/news/making-waves-physical-fitness.

The Annapolis Seniors Safety Program also had a busy year. The program is overseen by the RCMP and administered day-to-day by Sharon Elliott . Safety referrals come in from community and family members, email, phone and the RCMP. During 2017-2018 Sharon made 270 client visits and 55 community presentations.

AWHF is a major funder of the Van Transportation Program which, through funding of the Trans County Transportation Society (TCTS), provides dependable, safe and accessible transportation for seniors and persons with disabilities allowing them to get to crucial medical appointments. Other partners in this program include Soldiers Memorial Hospital Foundation, Bridgetown Pharmacy and King’s County. In 2017-2018 AWHF contributed close to $10,800 to the TCTS. Over the past three years, the Foundation has contributed $50,000 to the program.

This is just a sampling of the important work which the AWHF supports year-round in communities throughout the catchment area of western Nova Scotia. This area includes  more than 35 communities.