Education Bursary 2020 2021

27 July,2021

The Annapolis West Health Foundation is pleased to announce that Shiney Babiana is the recipient of the $4000 Student Bursary.

Shiney is enrolled at Dalhousie University for her undergraduate degree and will continue on studying in Pharmacy.  Shiney told us, “I chose to pursue  Pharmacy because I am interested in handling medicine and would like to treat and interact with people and help them get better through the medicines. I found that Dalhousie University is the best place in Halifax to pursue my dream of Pharmacy. I was inspired by my aunts and my mom. My 2 aunts are Gynecologist and my mom is a registered nurse. When they treat people they find it fulfilling. I have seen people thanking them for helping and saving them from their hard times which is so great. I slowly started to sit by my aunt while treating people and learned about many facts that I found interesting. This made me want to enter into Pharmacy and treat people.”

The Board of the Annapolis West Health Foundation wishes Shiney all the best in her studies and looks forward to seeing her successes in the future.